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It’s just about that time of the year again where kids are looking for something to do during their summer vacations. Sure they can choose to hang outside all day and chase the ice cream man around but eventually that gets old, especially if you’re an athlete looking to expand your game. A better option would be looking to join one of the many fun and engaging summer camps for a few weeks during the summer.

What should you be looking for in a summer camp? We thought you’d might ask. Just in case you’re wondering, yes, these camps can be a bit expensive and they usually don’t last for more than two weeks. So if money is tight, there’s no pressure to join a camp. However, if you can afford it, take advantage of the opportunity.

More often than not, these summer camps work with players individually in an effort to maximize whatever abilities they may have. These camps will also test you in ways you might not have been tested during the season. There will be plenty of players who will be on the same skill level as you or even higher and your passion and love for whatever sport you play will be put to the test. This isn’t a bad thing because competition bring out the best in all of us, right? You will also be able to see the positives that come along with joining these camps when you’re given the list of  many exciting things to do including improving your game.

When looking for the right camp keep these 5 general questions in mind:

  1. Cost – I’d say cost is the most important when looking for the right camp and what’s included in the cost.  Generally a camp will cost on average anywhere between $75 to $125 a week. Will your campers get more bang for there buck when the cost of camp is higher than average.  What extra cost is included for trips or activities?

2. Safety – How are emergent matters handled by staff and personnel? Is there adequate staff who are trained in handling health emergencies?  Will your campers’ needs be addressed properly if an accident occurs?  Its important to know what safety measures are in place when selecting a camp for your camper.

3. Returning Campers and Staff – How many returning campers each year is also important when weighing the success and overall stability of any camp.  A camp that has retained its staff and campers for a 3 year cycle has a good track record of its success.

4. Location/Location:  How does your camper get to and from camp.  Is the location close and convenient for travel? If your camper is older location may not be much of a concern as for younger campers. However, for day camps it is important to have flexible options that are convenient for travel for your camper and parent.

5. Skills/Activities/Programming- How engaging are the programs being offered? Will your camper have interest in the activities being offered. Never throw your child into a camp without communicating his or her interests.  This will help your camper to be fully engaged in the programs and activities.  Your camper will be spending time with people that he may not know and his/her comfort is important to having a fun and engaging summer.

Summertime is officially upon us and the weather can be tempting enough to want to stay outside all day. But if you’re going to be outside and active anyway, why not be active in a camp and improve on your skill or academics? There are plenty of camps out there that will help to keep you active in a fun and learning environment.

Summer is not a time to take off! Find something exciting to do in a camp near you!

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