Summer Is No Time For Slacking


There probably isn’t a better time than the summer time. The weather is tremendous, there’s very little worries, plenty of time for vacation and if you’re in school, there’s no more homework to worry about. For athletes however, the summer is the time to get better and to stay in shape for the next season but it’s much easier said than done.

Most student-athletes would agree that coaches usually want their players to be at tip-top shape at all times during the season. After all, in order to beat the best, you have to be at your best. Part of being at your best includes eating and dieting right during the season but more importantly, in the off season.

It’s no secret that during the season, an athletes diet mainly consists of lots of protein, shakes, and gallons upon gallons of water. There’s  no room for the food-related luxuries that most of us get to enjoy such as fried foods, fatty snacks, and tons of sweets.

Staying away from these types of foods becomes an even greater task for athletes in the summer time when their entire day is no longer one big schedule of things to do. There’s no more school for eight hours a day and no more practice right after followed by mountains of homework to do. Each day of summer has the potential to be an adventure.

However, maintaining a healthy diet is not the only thing athletes have to be mindful of during the off season. They also have to make sure that they are consistently working on their craft and making sure that they go into the next season even better than they were before. Off season improvement is crucial for every athlete. It’s what separates the good players from the great players. Every coach hates seeing their players come in to a season out of shape and more or less, the same player they were previously without any signs of actual improvement.

Coaches want to see their players showing the same dedication to the game that they have and nothing screams “dedication” more than a player working on their game by themselves without the supervision of their coach.

The school year may be long and even longer when you’re an athlete. It’s hard to not look at the summer as a time to finally relax a bit and enjoy a few months of time off , but the life of an athlete requires commitment 24/7.

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