Getting Off To A Good Start


School is back in session which also means that the sports season is finally underway. For student-athletes, this time is one of the better parts of the year, but can also be one of the more challenging times. This time of year is fun because you get to play a sport that you love but might not be as fun because of the academic demands that will assuredly be placed on you.

Although these demands can lead to mounds of stress for the student-athlete, it’s important to remember that first, you have to make grades.

“Most high schools have a mandate that any athlete must maintain a 2.0 GPA in order to compete in any sporting events for their school.”

Some high schools may have the requirement higher to a 2.5 GPA but the majority of them set it at an easily attainable 2.0 GPA. While the GPA requirement looks easy enough for most, the reality is, some student-athletes really struggle to maintain or even achieve it and that’s concerning.

Now if you’ve ever played sports in high school, the concept of making grades is not new at all. It’s preached everyday from coaches and others who hope to make the team. The coach’s mentality is to make sure that they can field the best possible team and prioritizing good grades is a big part in that. Coaches also demand excellence every single day in practice and in games from their players just as teachers do for their students. However, most student-athletes don’t see it that way.

Student-athletes often times look at the classroom as something that they need “just enough” in order to get by.

When your on the playing field however, you are constantly putting in 110 percent effort and would never consider shortchanging yourself by doing “just enough”.

Almost any good athlete goes into a game or practice ready and prepared to play. They are ready to compete with the best and leave it all out on the playing field expecting to win each and every time. Why wouldn’t student-athletes take that same approach in the classroom? Sure you may only need a 2.0 GPA to play but why settle for average? You wouldn’t settle for average on the playing field and coaches usually have nice spots at the end of their benches for players who do.

If the goal is to succeed athletically, the goal should also be to succeed academically. There are no guarantees in life and there certainly aren’t any guarantees in professional sports dreams. With that in mind, make the most out of your opportunities and attack the books the same way you attack an opponent.

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