High School Football: A Friday Night Affair


More often than not, Friday nights have always been a staple in the high school football world. Unfortunately, the main event on Friday nights may no longer be high school football. However, this year, there will be over 50 college football games being played on Friday night after the Big Ten Conference decided to join the growing trend of playing games on Friday.

While college football continues to go against tradition and steal some of the limelight from high school football, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has decided that enough is enough.

In a statement urging college football teams to honor the long-standing tradition of reserving Friday nights for high school football, the NFHS said, “Be it RESOLVED that every Friday night during the fall in America is ‘High School Football Night.”

Also saying, “Be it FURTHER RESOLVED that college and professional football teams should refrain from scheduling contests on Friday nights. Such restraint would be an investment in their own future success. It would also demonstrate that high school football has value well beyond the field of play. Schools, communities and scholastic teams for girls and boys all benefit when football is strong.”

College football games being played on Friday night isn’t anything new but the amount of games being played is and the number doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The effects of this could be huge in the high school football world. One of the biggest concerns is the potential lack of exposure for the nations top high school players. With high school football usually being the main sporting event on Friday night, the opportunity for exposure of its players was much easier to come by because there were no other sports competing from an interest standpoint.

For years the tradition has been that Friday night was for high school football with Saturday being for college football and Sunday being for the main event in the NFL. Why mess with tradition if you don’t have to?

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