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There once was a time where seeing teenagers get married was a normal occurrence. At 15, kids would get married and by 20, they would have three kids and a mortgage. However, these days are a bit different. It’s almost unheard of for anybody getting married while still in high school -until now, that is.

A 17-year-old Arkansas football player began the year ineligible to play high school football for Mountain Pine (Ark.)  because of restrictions that limits minors to play in  a district other than where the minors parents resides or hardship can be provided.

The high school Arkansas player no longer lived with his parents and had moved back to Hot Springs to improve his living conditions where he decided to get married. He married a student who was already attending Mountain Pine (Ark.) and then moved in with her parents. Because of a rule in the Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) rule book stating that if ” …a student is married and living with a spouse … who had an established domicile in the district one year prior to the marriage …” then he or she would be made eligible to play in that district as soon as the marriage is confirmed.

With his new found eligibility, the Arkansas running back has led his new team to a 7-2 record after winning only three games in total over the previous six seasons. It would seem as though this 17-year-old star player is really taking to his new marital status and his team is reaping the benefits with him having rushed for over 100 yards per game over the last seven games.

Maybe marriage at a young age isn’t so bad after all.  Mountain Springs is now having their first winning season in over 5 years.

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