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It all started with a passion for riding. Dwaylon Carter, now 34 years, Rodney Bynum, 37 years,  and Greg Fisher, 50 years had been riding for years through the streets of Baltimore before BMX racing was a thought.

They were frequent customers of Fleet Street Cycles in Baltimore and its owner, Donald Rucker had developed a close friendship with the group and their interests in bikes.

In recognizing their passions, he offered the group a sponsorship to race and he would help them with uniforms and the upkeep of their bikes. Dwaylon and Rodney had never competed in an organized race and were a little nervous about the offer but Greg who had prior racing experience assured the group would do well.

The team started under Fleet Street Cycles in 2001 but later formed Lethal Threat Racing in 2010 after its first year. The first year was tough.  However, it was to gain exposure and experience for the team. They each suffered their share of losses, hardships and reluctance from other more progressive and experienced teams. But the team, had decided to stick through it and learn from the challenges of being a new and inexperienced. 

After the 1st year of  hardships, the team felt good about completing the year, but it was far from what they had imagined and the group dissolved.  Dwaylon, decided to leave and get more experience under the Track Stars while Rodney fell off from after the birth of his newborn son, Rahkai. Greg continued to ride and soon decided to discontinue competing as well. 

Five years had passed after the team had their last race and in 2008 the team began to regroup. Rodney’s son was now 5 and for the first time he had given a bike to ride.

It was a new beginning for the team. Rodney reached out to Dwaylon and the two started talking about getting back on the race track. Their passion for the riding had never resided and now with Rodney’s son Rahkai around, there was a new spark of excitement for the team.

In 2008, the team began racing mid- season and after racing locally found that the team were ranked pretty well  with other district riders who had been racing all year.  Feeling super stoked about the teams progress, the team decided to come back the next year and see how well they could contend a full year.

Rodney realized the team would need support  and sought after a few sponsors and was repeatedly getting turned away.  They realized they would have to go through a few hardships getting back into the sport and decided to represent themselves to form Lethal Threat Racing.

In 2010, the team was full throttle.  They picked up new riders and although they were a small team of 5 they had a bigger passion to race. They knew they could do well and just wanted to come back with a vengeance. They knew in order to be taken seriously they had to look like the team to beat and so they picked up uniforms and bikes  and began to build on their a passion to race.

They were looking to build a family and picked up Shane Blackman, Tyronne Monague and his 2 sons Tyrez and Shawn and Nick Stokes there first year back.

Now, the team boasts 11 riders and although they have picked up many teammates along the way.  Their biggest joy has always been about family. “We want riders who are willing to give it their all, but we also want a family,” says  Carter. At one point, the team held up to 30 riders, but realized that it is more about quality not quantity. 

Rodney and Dwaylon are the remaining riders from the original team and although they have had their breaks and challenges along the way, the team has remained loyal to setting an example for others.

“That is what family is all about,” says Carter. “I always tried to lead by example. Whether your my teammate or my family, its one and the same.”

Lethal Threat Racing has 10 nationally ranked riders. They have 2 track championships in 2014 and 2015, 3 Gold Cup Champions and 4 1st place champions in the Empire State Nationals, in 2014-17.

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