Please join us in our effort to support local youth sports and recreation. With your support, our efforts will help drive the athletic perseverance that build active relationships and healthier lifestyles for our youth.  OTBS magazine will serve your reading enjoyment as a pivotal resource that recognizes the talent and growth of high school sports and youth recreation.  We are champions of high school sports and youth recreation that seek to inspire youth by profiling their many accomplishments to encourage more community support and involvement.

We hope that you will also help support the continued success of high school athletes and youth participating in sports. We want to thank the many parents, coaches, teachers, counselors and volunteers that help make youth sports and recreation a life enriching experience. We strive to bring the same excitement and life enriching experience to you.  Through OTBS magazine we bring local high school sports and youth athletics to you. Every issue will capture the growth and life changing experience of local youth that participate in high school sports and recreation.

OTBS is committed to supporting youth sports and recreation!

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