The Importance of Team Chemistry


Have you ever wondered what all the championship teams of the past have in common? Well, the answer is simple. It’s chemistry. No, they didn’t all take the same chemistry or science class in high school. They developed what is called, team chemistry.

Often times you hear about how a team feels like a “brotherhood” or a “sisterhood” where the entire team feels connected with each other both on and off the playing field. This is vitally important to the success of a team because you have to be able to know and trust the people you are playing with. The reason sporting events are often referred to as a “war” is because for the most part, it is. When at war, each soldier is responsible for the lives of their fellow soldiers and that takes a special kind of selflessness. Any selfish act by a soldier who wants to show they can be bigger than the unit ends up putting the lives of the entire unit at risk.

The same, to a much lesser extent, applies to sport teams. Each player is responsible for the success of the next. Egos have to be put aside and the goal of winning has to be above any individual goal a player may have. Once that’s established by the entire team, winning becomes easy.

Of course, chemistry isn’t something that is built over night. It takes time and a lot of it is built off of the playing field first. Whether it comes in the form of team dinners, playing video games, or even study hall. In order to know how your teammates play on the field, you have to know how they are off of it.

When you watch good teams play, it’s obvious how much fun they’re having. The fun isn’t just from winning, it’s also from the fact that they’re winning together and genuinely happy to share the success of the team with each other.

Talent is needed to win games but chemistry is what sustains it. Their truly is no “I” in team.

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